Nude Met-Art Model Savana

aka: Savana Wildchild

Savana Biography:

I am Savana, a mixed race girl, half Asian and half European. I started modeling 7 years ago, experimenting with different styles from portraits to erotics. What I like more in my life is creativity. I started to become a fire performer with my boyfriend and we are making shows around the world. I think modeling and performing are the perfect combination of mixed art that really fill my life. For me modeling is a good way to express myself, to create and to embody a character. When I was contacted by Robert Graham he proposed me a job for Metart where I can combine the 2 things together, and I was so excited to do it! In my free time, I create accessories for my shows and I practice a lot. It is not as easy as you can imagine. It's only because of practice that i didn't fire myself (yet)! I love books and reading. I always travel with a book in my bag, as I don't watch tv or the internet so much. Perhaps I'm an old style girl :)