Nude Met-Art Model Alice Nekrasova

Alice Nekrasova Biography:

I love hiking and cycling. The perfect day for me is a trip to the sea, a little tan on my body and cool sea water. I like girls, I even have a relationship with a girl. I am a very sweet modest girl, creative, observant, uprooting, I really like my butt and small body. In a partner, I first of all seek the same view of the world as mine, and of course a big dick or big boobs I get turned on by sex in a crowded place, kisses on the neck, big boats, role-playing games. My favorite lesson was drawing. My favorite food is Sushi and Pizza. I would love to have a "sex on the beach" cocktail. I love cats. I have a Cat ' I love dancing and I really love yoga. If I win the lottery, I'll buy myself a house on the coast. Now I would like to go hang out in a club. I love club music, rock, rap. The last time I had sex on the street it was dark, spicy and I finished. I love heels and short dresses. In the morning I love to lie in bed, and in the evening I love sex. I am a dreamer, so yes, I believe in love at first sight.