Nude Met-Art Model Mimi Desuka

Mimi Desuka Biography:

Hey, my name is Mimi Desuka. I'm currently modeling internationally and doing business. I am a full time model and entrepreneur with a love for technology (what I studied). I was born in a coastal city in Cameroon although I grew up in France and mainly Switzerland. My roots come from Cameroon, Gabon and Sudan. Growing up in several countries and in multi cultural Switzerland, I had the chance to learn several languages such as German, Italian, English and more. I speak fluently 5 languages and have basic knowledge in 3 more. I love languages! Trying to define myself in a few sentences is as hard as trying to make a world happen in one day :) I love traveling, nature, science, astronomy, art, sports, dance, reading, going out, gaming, life in general and being sexy. I also love romance and erotica. At the moment I am working on my career as a model and business owner. I would love to succeed in my future personal life, have a family and my own businesses. Blessings, Mimi