Nude Met-Art Model Fatima

aka: Fatima Kojima

Fatima Biography:

Modeling came to me at a time when I was transitioning out of a former love of mine, figure skating. I started modeling around the age of 16 and since upon turning 18 becoming even more prevalent with working as a model, I knew "this" was what I wanted to do. However as I continued to get older and grow in my work and within myself as a woman, I discovered the genre of modeling that I loved the most. Nude modeling. From artistic to erotic, even to bdsm concepts, I find myself able to feel most expressive, empowered, and embodied. When people ask me when do I plan to stop modeling? I always say, "I'll be doing this until I kick the bucket. If I'm blessed to live to old age, well! Somebody's going to have to hire my fine ass because I won't stop!" Outside of modeling, my passion for working as an Intimacy & Self Love Coach is very present. When I'm not modeling, I'm usually connecting with a client to help them release their blockages. Generally people come to me for support with body acceptance, self love / self worth, for men often premature ejaculation or how to create healthy habits with pleasure and sexual experiences. For women, dyspareunia, and it seems for everybody, helping to release thoughts of shame and guilt centered around, loving thyself! And enjoying pleasure! Beyond that, I love to write, I love dancing; naked preferably ;) I love watching Japanese and Korean dramas, learning languages, and I love animals. I've become a quite private person when it comes to telling what my "dreams" or goals are. I feel like when you share that out loud, you place a higher expectation on yourself to feel you need to complete them because people are now expecting for you to, so what I'll say is I love this life experience so much! I love every chapter I've been through, the good, the bad, and I'm so glad I discovered the power and importance of sexual energy and to be in tune with my body. It carries me through my days, it makes life fulfilling. So I'll Cheers to that! And Cheers, to you who is reading this! you support body expression and I find that quite awesome. And Cheers to Met Art! for having a safe and fun space for women to share their empowerment, sensuality and beauty!