Nude Met-Art Model Alina Petite

Alina Petite Biography:

Everyone says that I'm just an angel, probably there is a little truth in this. I am always cheerful, kind and sincerely love my friends. I like photo shoots, I am always ready to play the necessary role and convey the mood. I love my body and it is easy for me to pose. I really like delicious juicy salads, I love ripe fruits and berry teas. I love to walk around the city at night and find the ancient streets on which I have never been. Sometimes I am very serious and immerse myself in working on a laptop for a whole week, it's like a reboot. But then I'm again like a phoenix reborn and conquer the world. I dream of living in a warm country by the ocean, but for now I allow you to come there and enjoy life there for several months a year. I also love open-air music festivals and would like to stand there for a DJ console with a cool track.